Improving K-12 education for students on the autism spectrum in Montgomery County, MD

Diploma-Bound Students at Home

While MCPS is closed, parents and caregivers of a student on the autism spectrum may need new ideas for how to spend time with their child -- both for fun and for learning.  The target audience for these ideas and resources is anyone supporting an autistic student who is on a diploma-bound academic track.

Resources for Various Academic Subjects

Khan Academy offers free lessons on a wide range of topics in the form of a series of short video lessons; the website also includes supplementary practice exercises and unit tests:  

CrashCourse videos on YouTube cover many subjects and are fun and engaging:

Here are some options for advanced students who might want to check out what college courses are like and explore their interests: offers personalized online learning that is being offered until the end of this school year at a 30% discount. Over 89,000 lessons for grades 3-12 cover all subjects and are taught to accommodate multiple learning styles. Instructors are subject matter experts who teach in engaging 5-10 minute videos, and also provide a text transcript. Students also have access to expert instructors who are available 24/7.

Resources for Math Instruction 

This “We Are Teachers” website links to more than 60 website for math instruction by grade:

Resources for Science Instruction

The Happy Scientist has content for all ages:

Howard Hughes has some amazing learning resources on a variety of life sciences topics for high school students:   

NASA has made its entire media library of images, sounds and video publicly accessible and searchable -- Check it out!

Resources for Government and History

C-SPAN offers an amazing resources for kids with an interest in history and current events:

Resources for Preparation for SAT, ACT, and AP Tests


Many parents order the official SAT and ACT prepbooks, which cost about $20 per book, and have multiple practice tests and explanation of answers in the back: 



SAT prep is also available through Khan Academy: 

For students taking AP courses, the College Board has practice exams on their website:

Links to resources for Arts and Theater, Music, and Museums

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