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Improving K-12 education for students on the autism spectrum in Montgomery County, MD

Parent Guidance on Special Education Advocacy During COVID-19

Parent Guides

Maryland State Department of Education guide for parents of special education students during the COVID-19 Pandemic:  ParentsGuide-COVID19-Maryland.pdf

Disability Rights Maryland brief guide for parents of a child with an IEP during the COVID-19 pandemic:  drmparentltr.covid19.pdf

Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) resources for parents during COVID-19 pandemic: https://www.copaa.org/page/covid-19


xMinds Webinar with Education Attorney Michael Gerton, April 7, 2020

SPED and FAPE in the Time of Distance Learning

Video of this online webinar:  April 7, 2020 Webinar

Documents referenced in the webinar: xMinds 4-7-20 Webinar Supporting Documents

xMinds Webinar with Education Attorney Kimberly Glassman, April 16, 2020

Special Education in the Time of Distance Learning -- Take Two

Video of this online webinar (password K2=.1122): April 16, 2020 Webinar

Power Point slide show, which is intended for informational purposes only, and should not be understood as legal advice: SpecialEducation Covid-19 MD.pdf

Technical Assistance Bulletins

Technical Assistance Bulletins (TABs) from the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) are issued to provide guidance for implementing laws and regulations. TABs include questions and answers, which are intended to be accessible to non-experts.

Serving Children with Disabilities Under IDEA During School Closures Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

MSDE TAB #20-01, March 30, 2020  


Providing Continuity of Learning to Students with Disabilities Through Nonpublic Special Education Schools During DOVID-19

MSDE TAB # 20-02, April 6, 2020

Navigating Secondary Transition Services for Students with Disabilities during COVID-19

MSDE TAB # 20-05, April 2020 


Providing Continuity of Learning for Students with Disabilities who require Extensive, Intensive, Individualized Instruction and Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

MSDE TAB # 20-07, April 2020 


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