Improving K-12 education for students on the autism spectrum in Montgomery County, MD

Recommendations for Improving School-Home Communication

Prompted by numerous reports from parents regarding their dissatisfaction with the quality and frequency of communications from their child's MCPS school team, xMInds initiated an online "School-Home Communications Survey" in Spring 2018.  

The survey was aimed at parents of autistic students in MCPS and was available to subscribers on our electronic mailing list as well as visitors to our website and social media platforms. The responses gave us a better picture of the current state of communications between parents and MCPS educators at various grade levels and in a variety of placements; they also focused our attention on the communication deficits in some parts of MCPS and the strengths in other parts.  We compiled the responses, drafted a report with recommendations, and submitted it to MCPS on April 16, 2019.

You can read the complete report here as well as the cover letter, which provides a very short summary.

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