xMinds 2018 Needs Assessment Study and Research Details


xMinds is pleased to partner with Ms. Kim Pinckney-Lewis, a PhD student at Old Dominion University, to conduct a needs assessment and related research. The following information explains the study and provides you with the opportunity to voluntarily participate!


On behalf of xMinds, Ms. Kim Pinckney-Lewis is conducting a needs assessment project: the data-driven search for opportunities to maximize individual, team, or organizational performance by contributing to the effectiveness, efficiency, and/or ease of supporting organizational goals. The current needs assessment will focus on the following areas:

  • How participation in xMinds’ services contribute to parent efficacy (ability to advocate and produce desired results for their children), and what opportunities there are to increase parent efficacy.
  • Ms. Pinckney-Lewis will also be exploring your experiences and feedback as you participate in this needs assessment. For further information, please contact her at kpinckn1@hotmail.com.

What you will be asked to do

First, you will be asked to review and sign an Informed Consent Document, which explains the purpose of the research and your rights as a participant. If you say YES, you will be asked to participate in at least one of the following: Two (2) - three (3) surveys (not to exceed 30 minutes each) One (1) interview or focus group (not to exceed one hour)

Ready to Get Started?

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