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Supporting Social Development

Many autistic students experience challenges making and keeping friends. That's why it's so important to find ways to nurture and support them in creating the social life they want.

These resources are at the ready to help autistic students build friendships, develop social skills, and enjoy a social life with the recreational activities and fun outings that interest them.

Finding Friends

Programs and resources that help neurodiverse kids and teens connect with others who appreciate all the things that make them unique

Sensory Friendly Venues and Events

Local performing-arts theaters, cinemas, museums, zoos, stadiums, and other attractions offering sensory-friendly performances or accommodations for the needs of autistic individuals

Social Skills Groups

Programs that are designed to help autistic individuals develop skills to more comfortably connect with peers and engage in a variety of social situations

Recreational Activity Guide

Recreational activities that help autistic kids develop their interests and connect with others who share their interests. Whether your kid is interested in acting, art, dance, tennis, hockey, swimming, or more, you'll find an activity here!

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