xMinds Educator Grants

Our mission at Partnership for Extraordinary Minds (xMinds) is to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of the autistic students in MCPS. To advance this mission, xMinds offers grants to help motivated teachers and paraeducators pursue research-based training and purchase curricula and curricular materials that will enable them to better support their students on the autism spectrum.

Individual grants in the range of $50 to $500 will be awarded on a quarterly basis by the xMinds Board of Directors, who will select the recipients from the applications received prior to each quarterly deadline (March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15). The Board will, in its sole discretion, determine which applications to grant, considering the Board’s assessment of both the quality of the training or materials requested, and the applicant’s potential to make use of them to advance the mission of xMinds.

We encourage both general and special educators and paraeducators to apply.  Apply online for an xMinds Educator Grant.

2019 Grant Winners

Sligo Creek Elementary School hired two new teachers for their Asperger Program for the 2019-2020 school year. Thanks to an xMinds Educator grant, Marguerite Fitch and Liana Rouse, were able to attend Unstuck and On Target training at the Ivymount School before the start of the school year. Unstuck and On Target is a foundational intervention for the MCPS Asperger program.


 In October 2019, xMinds partnered with the Center for Communication and Learning to fund MCPS educators to attend the 6th Annual Innovators in Education Conference. Thanks to xMinds, the staff of the Brook Grove Elementary School Learning Center were able to attend the conference as a team to learn cutting age strategies for their Learning Center teaching students.  


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