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Improving K-12 education for students on the autism spectrum in Montgomery County, MD

Tutoring Resources

Welcome to our Tutoring Resources Page

All of these tutoring services or individual tutors have training in special education and experience with special education students. Inclusion on this list should not be understood as an endorsement by xMinds. 

Do you know of a great tutor we should add to this list?  Email xMinds at info@xminds.org to let us know. 

Organizations Offering Tutoring Services:  

ASDEC  --  Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center  

Contact:  301-762-2414; questions@asdec.org to schedule an intake meeting   

Website:  https://asdec.org/Home

Service: Dyslexia therapy (direct instruction in reading and math); Training; and Advocacy

Description:  ASDEC is a non-profit training and advocacy center dedicated to preventing academic failure through evidence-based multisensory reading and math instruction. We provide referrals for students and adults who need intensive, individualized instruction. We provide direct instructional services to children who are dyslexic or have other learning differences. ASDEC is accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) and is endorsed by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). Special-education advocate Monica Martinez says: “ASDEC is the premiere dyslexia organization in the area, and their multisensory approach is good for many kids on the spectrum.”  ASDEC Academic Language Therapists work with students for a minimum of three times per week. Located in Rockville, MD.

Bass Educational Services LLC      

Contact: Judy Bass; judy@basseducationalservices.com; 301-774-5211

Website: http://www.basseducationalservices.com

Services: Academic tutoring/coaching; College placement assistance; Educational consulting;  

Description:  Bass Educational Services LLC provides an array of educational services for students with learning differences, ADHD, ASD, and other special needs. Our educational consultants offer guidance and structure throughout the college and postsecondary planning process, provide assistance in gap year programming, and assist families in facilitating local K-12 school placements. Our trained, experienced tutors provide one-on-one SAT/ACT test prep and subject tutoring for students in grades 6 and up. Additionally, we provide assistance in obtaining SAT/ACT accommodations when appropriate.  Located in Olney, MD.

Suzanne Keith Blattner and Associates  

Contact: Suzanne Keith Blattner; skb.edu@mac.com; 301-758-4275

Website:   https://www.suzannekeithblattner.com/services

Services:  Academic tutoring, Educational therapy; Educational consulting; Advocacy

Description:  Our highly skilled tutors offer a range of tutoring services to students who are experiencing academic weaknesses. We offer in-person office and home visits, as well as virtual sessions. Our tutors collaborate with school teams and participate in planning for student IEPs, if requested. Homeschooling supports are also available to students and families who have chosen this option. Located in Kensington, MD.

Certified Learning Centers         

Contact: Patricia Marie Felton; 301-593-3700; rf@certified-learning-centers.com

Website: https://www.clcenters.com

Services:  Tutoring

Description:  A full service educational support agency founded by Patricia Marie Felton after she spent 20 years as a special educator. Certified Learning Centers (CLC) offers tutoring services at every grade level and in a wide range of subjects. Tutoring is also available for SAT prep, study skills, and efficient reading. CLC specializes in special needs, including autism, ADHD, and executive function disorder. In-person and virtual tutoring sessions are offered. One parent on MCneeds said “CLC is the industry standard in Montgomery County and has the absolute best certified teachers.” Located in Silver Spring, MD. 

Chesapeake Center, ADHD Learning & Behavioral Health  

Contact: Kathleen Nadeau, kathleennadeau@chesapeakeadd.com; 301-562-8448

Website:  www.chesapeakeadd.com 

Services: Academic tutoring and study skills; Medical/medicine management; Psychological counseling; Behavioral therapy; Educational consulting; Educational testing; Neuropsychological testing; College placement assistance; Behavioral support

Description: The Chesapeake Center is an ADHD, Learning and Behavioral Health clinic that offers a broad range of services to people across the lifespan. We provide individualized and integrated care all in one location using a team-based approach. Our tutors focus on building academic skills while also helping each student to understand their unique brain.  We believe in treating the whole person, taking a strengths-based and solution-focused approach. Locations in Bethesda, Silver Spring, Columbia, and Annapolis. 

Enhance EFS                                     

Contact: Marci Skigen; 847-903-5600; enhanceefs@gmail.com                                             

Services: Executive Functioning Coaching/IEP Consulting/ Academic Tutoring

Description: Enhance EFS provides executive functioning (EF) coaching within the context of individual and family treatment serving clients ages eight through adulthood with learning differences such as but not limited to ADHD, Autism, and Twice Exceptional (2e). Enhance EFS strives to provide its clients with EF coaching that elevates their executive functioning skills, providing tools embedded in their daily lives, whether at school or work. It also offers an array of educational guidance as families navigate the 504 and IEP terrain. Assistance is also given to students needing support with subject tutoring.

The Heller Psychology Group 

Contact: Dr. Carey Heller; 301-385-2610; appt@thehellerpsychologygroup.com

Website: https://www.hellerpsychologygroup.com/adhdexecutive-functioning-coaching

Service:  ADHD/Executive functioning coaching and boot camps; Psychological Services; Testing

Description:  As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Heller provides ADHD/executive functioning coaching within the context of individual treatment. Dr. Heller's ability to look at time management, organizational, and study skills from a psychological perspective (i.e., understanding brain functioning, memory, motivation) enhances his ability to help individuals improve their overall functioning. Dr. Heller is happy to collaborate with teachers and counselors at school as appropriate. Located in Bethesda, MD.

Imagine Possibility, LLC  

Contact:  Lisa A. Taylor-Cunningham, M.Ed.; 301-330-8251; https://iptutoring.com/contact-us/

Website: https://iptutoring.com/

Services:  Multi-Sensory academic therapy

Description:  Imagine Possibility offers instruction in reading, writing and math, using Orton– Gillingham, Lindamood, Wilson, multisensory math, and other programs. Virtual and in-person support available.

Ivymount Outreach         

Contact:  outreach@ivymount.org

Website: https://www.ivymountoutreach.org

Services:  Tutoring and schoolwork support

Description: Ivymount Outreach has extensively trained, experienced special educational teachers who are available to help. Services range from support with schoolwork completion to assessment and instruction in specific content areas. Services will mainly be provided virtually; however, in person services may be available. Email Ivymount Outreach to discuss your child's specific needs, and they will work with you to develop an individualized plan.

Learning Essentials   

Contact:  Wendy Taylor, M.Ed.; 240-249-8492; Wendy@LearningEssentialsEDU.com

Website:   https://learningessentialsedu.com/ 

Services:  Educational therapy; IEP coaching; Academic coaching

Description:  At Learning Essentials, we have the background, training, and experience to assess and assist learners of all ages and abilities. Our tutors all hold advanced degrees and are state-certified in the area of special education. In addition, some of our team have systematic and intensive training and hold additional certification in reading intervention and educational therapy. Learning Essentials incorporates one-on-one academic support, interactive brain camps, informative workshops, and creative professional development programs to promote learning success for all students. Serving students local (Maryland, DC, and VA) and online.

LinkEducation Resources  

Contact: Eve Margol; 240 644-4648; eve@linked-education.com; info@linked-education.com

Website:  https://www.linked-education.com/  

Services:  Academic tutoring/coaching; Educational consulting

Description: LinkEducation Resources (LER) offers support for both typical and exceptional students in understanding and developing underlying academic areas of weakness and identifying strengths. This is done using an individualized tutoring approach, which combines research-based programs such as Orton Gillingham, Lindamood Bell, Handwriting Without Tears, and Framing Your Thoughts. Additionally, LER integrates strategies that will enable students to problem-solve, stay organized, and master challenging academic environments independently.  Serving Howard and Montgomery Counties.

Maryland Teacher Tutors      

Contact: 443-594-2187; hello@marylandteachertutors.com

Website: https://www.marylandteachertutors.com/

Services:  Tutoring; Academic coaching; Homeschooling support

Description:  Our tutors and academic coaches are certified teachers with a proven track record of success. That means we know the curriculum, but more importantly, we know students. We are experts at what we do. MTT offers excellent one-on-one tutoring and academic coaching from highly qualified teachers at affordable rates. We don't force you into annual contracts and there are no hidden fees. On MTT’s website you’ll find all the available tutors; some of them are special education teachers. Located in Baltimore, MD.

The Treatment and Learning Centers       

Contact: Lisa Torvik; 301-424-5200 x306; LTorvik@ttlc.org

Website: https://www.ttlc.org/ttc/ttc-programs/ttc-tutoring/

Service:  Tutoring; Organizational coaching; Private school; Psychological counseling; Occupational therapy; Speech-language therapy; Social-skills therapy; Testing

Description:  Individuals of all ages and abilities benefit from our one-on-one tutoring in a variety of academic areas including math, reading, writing, spelling, and study skills. Tutoring available in-person or virtually. We focus on understanding the individual strengths and needs so we can create and implement strategies that will be most likely to help each person learn and make progress at school, at home, and in life. In addition, children with difficulty in social interactions, or who have emotional concerns, may benefit from our individual, group, or family counseling to address their needs. Located in Rockville, MD.

Individual Tutors:  

Adam Berman 

Contact:  Brrman77@aol.com

Services:  Math up to geometry, social skills.

Description/Bio:  10 years experience as special educator and math teacher.  He is currently writing his doctoral dissertation in special education at George Washington University.  He is a graduate of MCPS.  His specialty is working with students on the autism spectrum.

Liza Gully

Contact:  lizagully@yahoo.com;  301-806-7228 cell

Services:  Tutor available for in person sessions (close to Wootton HS) or Zoom/FaceTime sessions in these subjects:

  • math (kindergarten through Algebra 2):  reinforce curriculum, enhance math understanding and applications, develop foundational math skills, build math facts, studying and test taking skills, standardized test preparation, explore math concepts of interest
  • organization/time management 
  • functional/practical math for all abilities
  • AAC use/reinforcement (Augmentative & Alternative Communication)

Description/Bio:  Liza Gully says -- “I am a former MCPS elementary and middle school math teacher.  I have  four children and one has special needs. I am happy to set up a program for your child to address their math skill needs.” 

Jean E. Hickey, M. Ed. 

Contact:  jeh217@aol.com, 240-460-5306

Services:  In-person and virtual educational support for students with special needs ages 3-21, parent support with school, IEPs, home programs

Description/Bio:  Jean has worked as a private tutor and educational advocate for over twenty years in the metro D.C. area. Jean's experience includes working with children with ASD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, dyscalculia, speech and language disabilities, executive functioning issues, developmental delays, Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Visual Cortical Blindness and rare genetic disorders. In addition to private tutoring sessions, Jean is available to review, develop and write Individualized Education Plans, write reports, consult with educational teams, and advocate at IEP meetings. Jean has presented several times to the xMinds community. Jean earned a Bachelor's degree in severe special needs from Boston College and a master's degree in special education from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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