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Supporting Your Student

Navigating the world of special education and providing educational and emotional support for autistic students is often complex and can feel overwhelming at times. 

We have assembled this section of information and resources to help make that easier.

Navigating Special Education

Getting and supporting Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), accommodations, special education abbreviations, and working with the xMinds team for a consult.

Service Providers

A directory of service professionals working in partnership to improve the educational experiences of students on the autism spectrum. Inclusion in the directory is voluntary and does not constitute an endorsement.

Supporting Social Development

Resources for supporting autistic students' social and emotional growth.  

Autism Guides & Training

A listing of resources to learn more about autism and supporting autistic students.

Inclusive Education Support

Sites and resources around supporting inclusive education.

Nonspeaking Autistic Students Resources

Information and data on and from nonspeaking autistic students.

BIPOC Resources

Resources for families of an autistic student who is Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color.  

Transition to Adulthood

Resources to support autistic students as they move beyond high school.

Recommended Reading

Readings relevant to supporting a student on the autism spectrum, organized by topic. 

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