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Improving K-12 education for students on the autism spectrum in Montgomery County, MD

An eXtraordinary Opportunity for Students to Share their Appreciation for MoCo Educators!


Join in this project by submitting a short video!  

This is your opportunity to show your appreciation to the general educators, special educators, paraeducators, OTs, SLPs, counselors and staff at MCPS and special schools in Montgomery County who have worked so hard to support autistic students during this challenging year.

Who can submit a video?

xMinds is inviting every K-12 student in a Montgomery County school who has an autism diagnosis.

How will you use my video?

xMinds will compile the videos that students submit into one longer, tribute video for faculty and staff. xMinds will make every reasonable effort to use as many submissions as possible in the final video. We are also excited to announce that xMinds will be sharing information in the final tribute video to help educators apply for grants from xMinds to further professional development for educators supporting autistic students. The tribute video will be sent to MCPS faculty and staff and will be shared on social media.  

Interested in participating?  

Please follow these guidelines for creating and submitting your short video: 

  • Please keep it short -- 10 seconds or less.
  • Please use either of these prompts: “Thank you for ……” or “I like(d) that you ….. “
  • Please don't name the specific educators or staff or school that you want to thank.  (We don't want the others to feel bad.)
  • Please use landscape rather than portrait orientation.
  • Please let your creative juices flow!  You can write your message on a sign, use magnetic letters, sidewalk chalk . . . 
  • Parents, feel free to help your students communicate their message, allowing their own words to shine through.

Where do I submit my video?

Please submit your video through the app called Tribute.  When you're ready, you can click here to either record your video in the Tribute app or upload a video you've already made. 

What's the deadline for my submission?

Please submit your video by MONDAY, May 10th (New deadline)

Informed consent

I understand that the video I submit to xMinds through the Tribute app may be edited and shown across public platforms (such as xMinds website, MCPS website, YouTube, and Facebook), and by submitting my video I consent to xMinds making use of this video for the purposes discussed on this webpage. including to publicize xMinds grant opportunities for Montgomery County educators who support autistic students. 

What if I prefer to send a photo?

If you would rather submit a photo than a video, that's no problem!  We can incorporate photos into the tribute video.  Just submit your photo to info@xminds.org.


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