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IEPs (Individualized Education Programs)

IEPs are one of the primary ways that autistic students are able to get the access and supports they need for a fully supportive learning environment. The process of getting and maintaining an IEP can feel daunting. These resources should help you along the way.

IEP Road Map

What is the process getting from referral to IEP?


Get answers to the  most frequently asked questions about IEPs.

IEP Parent Guidance

Navigating an IEP as a parent is often a challenging process - here are some ways to make that easier.

IEP Abbreviations

Education is full of them - this can help make edu-speak easier to understand.

IEP Dispute Resolution

If there is a dispute in your IEP process or implementation, this can help you understand how to navigate that.


The key way your student is supported in their environment and learning.

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Find other services that can help support your student.

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