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xMinds Logo - xMinds in teal and dark blue where the X looks like a person with an orange head; followed by the words Partnership for Extraordinary MindsImproving education for autistic students in Montgomery County, MD

About xMinds

We are a collaborative partnership of parents, educators, and service providers working together to improve the educational experience and outcomes for autistic students in Pre-K–12 education in Montgomery County, MD. Learn more about us below.

Our Mission, Approach and Goals
What we're all about.

What we've been able to do.

The xMinds Team 
Who is making it happen.

How we work together.

Statement on Racial Justice
How we stand for all students.

Statement on Identity–First Language

How we refer to members of the autistic community.

Praise for xMinds 
What people say about us.

Past Newsletters 

What we've been doing.

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Internship/Job Openings

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