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Improving K-12 education for students on the autism spectrum in Montgomery County, MD

Praise for xMinds

"I really liked the sense of community that they provide to parents...the speakers they were getting were just really top-notch people..."


"I will never forget and will be forever grateful for that parent panel that I sat in...and I felt like I sort of found my people."


"The knowledge I gain is invaluable and I've met an amazing community of parents and professionals who have helped me tremendously."


"Immediately xMinds stood out for providing information about MCPS system that MCPS didn't even provide..."


"I totally credit them with giving me the tools that have allowed me to participate as an equal player..."


"xMinds has been great to help us stay on top of the ever-changing special education environment..."


“Because of xMinds I was able to get an educational grant to attend the Unstuck and On Target training as well as the Conversation Club training. I was able to learn and work with other staff members on ways to help children get unstuck when they come across problems.”

~Special Education Teacher

"xMinds has been a phenomenal resource for us as a family, both in and out of the school system!"


“I have advocated for my kids in Montgomery County Public Schools for 6 years and through the training and events provided through xMinds I have been able to better learn how to advocate and navigate the special education system. ”


“Thanks to xMinds, I was able to attend a summer workshop...with my colleagues in the Asperger’s Program... It was a great starting off point for our year as a new team together and we were able to...receive a training that was targeted to the needs of us and our students.”

~MCPS Autism Services Program Specialist

“I took the Self Advocacy Workshop [from] xMinds, and it helped me when I needed to advocate [for myself during] a test. It would have been really hard for me to take the test in the setting that I was originally in."

~Autistic Student

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