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"... the most important considerations in devising educational programs for children with autistic spectrum disorders have to do with recognition of the autism spectrum as a whole, with the concomitant implications for social, communicative, and behavioral development and learning, and with the understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual child across areas of development."
—Educating Children with Autism2001

Thank You!

 to everyone who participated in and helped at the 10th-annual Extraordinary Minds in MCPS forum. We hope it was an informative and productive event for all who attended and look forward to seeing you next year!

Upcoming events

xMinds Awards Educator Grants for PEERS training
xMinds is excited to send the following MCPS educators to PEERS Training:
  • Jana Coffey, Churchill High School
  • Anna Gordin, Churchill High School
  • Sarah Lobien, Ridgeview Middle School
  • Andrea Pham, Churchill High School
  • Megan Sullivan, Tilden Middle School
  • Mary Lou Tucker, Churchill High School

Improving the educational experiences and outcomes of students on the autism spectrum in grades K-12

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