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Our Achievements

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2019-2020 xMinds Program Year Highlights

Priority 1: Deepening parent empowerment by providing families with information and resources

  • Hosted nine speakers to educate parents about a range of issues from financial planning to distance learning (Sept , Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, four in April)
  • Launched our Special Education Volunteer Advocacy Team, assisting 21 families who requested support navigating special education in MCPS
  • Created new online resources, including an interactive map of elementary and preschool special ed programs in MCPS, a guide to 2020 virtual summer camps, and resources to support distance learning
  • Held an IEP Clinic, where parents received advice from educational consultants on their most pressing IEP questions (Oct)
  • Held two small-group workshops for parents seeking support and resources (Nov. and Jan) 

Priority 2: Increasing and diversifying xMinds’ reach to Montgomery County families

  • Acquired (through a grant) simultaneous translation equipment and successfully used it for the first time at our October IEP Clinic
  • Added recordings of speaker events to our website, reaching hundreds of parents for whom in-person events are inaccessible (April)
  • Created a new committee to focus on support for families with a non– or minimally–speaking autistic student

Priority 3: Promoting improved educational experiences for ASD students in MCPS through teacher and staff training and through advocacy concerning systemic problems

  • Provided funding for 22 educators to attend a variety of trainings on inclusive education, from the Innovators in Education Conference in October to the Nest Conference in New York (February)
  • Created new website resources to support general education teachers who teach classes that include autistic students
  • Organized a parent panel to speak to education students at UMD about autistic students' experiences in school (Nov)

Priority 4: Preparing ASD students in Montgomery County for life

  • Hosted a successful two-session self-advocacy workshop for autistic teens (February)
  • Hosted a panel of young-adult autistic self-advocates who spoke to students and their parents about their life experiences and insights (May)

Priority 5: Growing our Organization

  • Transitioned to a new Executive Director at the start of our fiscal year July 1, 2019
  • Established a new Advisory Council, whose 11 members offer a broad range of relevant expertise and resources
  • Launched our new logo (summer 2019)
  • Welcomed 10 new active volunteers to our working committees
  • Raised almost $50,000 from generous year-end donors and supporters of our 2019 Bike to the Beach fundraiser, as well as $1,500 from our consistent supporter, the Mizrahi Family Charitable Fund

See our past accomplishments in 2017-182018-19, and 2020-21.

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