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Improving K-12 education for students on the autism spectrum in Montgomery County, MD

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xMindsWire Monthly Newsletter 

Welcome to our xMindsWire Archives. Below is a list of our past newsletters and their main headlines. xMindsWire reaches approximately 2,000 subscribers per month.

February 2021

Understanding Behavior: What are Autistic Children Communicating?  

Open House for Parents of Black Autistic Students 

January 2021

Does Your Education Team Presume Competence in Your Autistic Student?

Identity-First Language: What Does it Mean? 

December 2020

Anxiety Plus Autism: Anything but Neurotypical

No More Fees for Family Membership 

November 2020

Alternatives to Guardianship

The Importance of Listening to Autistic Voices

October 2020

Nonspeaking Students: A New Resource

Navigating Online Instruction: Saturday Q&A Series 

September 2020

Including More Autistic Voices in xMinds Programming

Navigating Online Instruction: Saturday Q&A Series

(No issue in August)

July 2020

It's Not Too Late to Join Camp Read-a-Lot

Racial Justice in Special Education

June 2020

xMinds Camp Read-a-Lot Starts July 1

How Should MCPS Re-Open this Fall? 

May 2020

Autistic Self–Advocates Panel on May 27

xMinds Steps Up During COVID–19

April 2020

Special Education in the Time of Distance Learning

Supplementing Your Student's Distance Learning 

March 2020

xMinds in MCPS Forum

xMinds Exploring NYC's NEST Program         

February 2020

Academics We Can Use: Making the Most of the Alternative Learning Outcomes (ALO) Curriculum

Save the Date for the 12th Annual xMinds Forum 

January 2020

Sign Up Your Teen for the Self-Advocacy Workshop

Announcing the New xMinds Advisory Council

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